We are a team of special people who like to see the world as a big picture, with everyone in it having a very special role to play.

We excel and get excited when we can support people to fulfill their dreams.

In the end, our support roles allow us to fulfill our dreams too.

It’s that simple.


Hi My name is Marina, I’m the Arch Business Angel on our little cloud.

I lead the other angels to deliver what you need to raise your business in your market. Social Media support, Newsletter management etc. We are happy to oversee those little time consuming roles that take you away from doing your business.

Here are some common questions that we are asked about our service.


Marina has had extensive experience in managing retail stores and running her own service based businesses for 20 years, as well as assisting many home based businesses in their start up period. The skills of the team at My Business Angels are wide and varied to support the processes you will undergo through our planning sessions.

Marina’s specialty is in seeing the big picture and being able to identify the small steps to bring it all together. With a broad understanding of many options of low and no cost promotions (which she has applied), you’ll be well positioned to walk away with a comprehensive marketing plan and easy to implement steps to make it all come alive.



We know what it’s like to manage businesses on our own. So we keep our costs reasonable.

Some tasks can light you up, others can fill you with dread. We match your angels to your tasks as it’s a very individual service, we will give you a quote that is as individual as your needs.

No hidden extras, just relating to the things you actually want done. It’s as simple as having a chat to establish your needs. 

We will help you to get your business organised and start creating a following and making a profit.


We are about substance. We are about creating firm foundations and helping you to create a life you LOVE living and about businesses that make a difference in society.
We love working with people when they are just starting to nut things out and make sense of their dreams. They get the biggest changes.

Those dreamers – are the kind of clients I love. They have a deep connection with creating positive change. The best thing is – when we are able to help someone who has some experience in their business, but just need to gain some clarity and simple steps to implement consistency – things take off. Quickly.
It’s like watching a child who is riding a bike without their training wheels.
At first it’s wobbly and they need someone nearby to support them – but once they get their balance and rhythm – they are off.

My Business Angels, create individual services for our clients, because we know that there are business owners who just need a helping hand in some areas, and we are flexible in our offerings. 
We are the starting point for many start up or struggling business owners.

So to gain our help

1.  Participate in the FREE My Vision Planner Online Workshop

2. Book in for a chat to see how we can move forward. 
    This is usually taking up a My Business Success Package, where we get your systems organised with          My Business Planner and strategise a promotion plan with My Marketing Planner.

From there, some clients ask us to assist with scheduling their social media, organising newsletters, researching information and sourcing contacts for them. We can do sales calls and other tasks too.      

We know this process well. We’ll have a chat to define what your needs are and once we have your message defined, we’ll set out a plan for you. .

We are here to guide you and help you tweak things.

We ensure that your market hear from you. Your voice, Your message, Your ideas.

We can support you in delivering your information – but the content needs to come from you.
We love supporting you, but you are the one that needs to be seen and heard.



I love this one. Many think it, only a few are game enough to ask.

You don’t know if we are a good fit until you try us.

We can make all the claims in the world, but there is no guarantee that you will like our work, until . . . you work with us on some level.

That’s why we have the free My Vision Planner program to get you started.

Do the program and you’ll have your foundations ready for your next step. We can’t work with you until you have clarified your direction forward, it just wastes your time if we are working on the wrong thing!!

If you choose to take that step with us, you will hit the ground running when you are ready to work with us.

I know that you have probably worked with people in the past who you thought were going to be good for your business. Did they all deliver what they promised? I’ll take a guess and say – sometimes not.

Here at My Business Angels, we want you to have a different experience.

Taste our service before you buy.

Well, it’s easy – but you do have to invest. Your time.

And we consider your time more precious than a gold dollar.

Weird I know, but our value system is a little different from some.
You see we value freedom and experience.

Freedom to do what you want.

When you want.

How you want.




Mums with a background in business, but want to work school hours. We love being able to provide an avenue for them to earn an income that is flexible around their children and family.
Some have experience with social media, administration, graphics, finances, techy stuff and marketing.

They fly in and out as needed, but we keep tasks consistent by having one angel designated to particular businesses.


Please get in touch to book a free chat so we can help get you started on creating profit and freedom in your business.

Text 0448 018 136 or email book (@) mybusinessangels.com.au